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Savorly is made with European savoir-faire which stands for quality and taste. Our products are NONGMO and clean label, made with RSPO sustainably sourced Palm Oil.


Savorly was created to bring the strong tradition of Europe's frozen appetizers to the US. In Europe it is common to gather with friends for "apero" in an atmosphere where food is shared. After carefully studying food trends in Europe and the US markets, we decided to enter the largely sleepy category of frozen appetizers with a bit of flair and innovation. We aim to redefine the frozen aisle in the US with a product that is easy to cook and serve, has approachable packaging, and offers an elevated experience to the consumer.


We replaced the traditional frozen appetizer cheese goop and artificial preservatives with olives, ricotta, grilled eggplant, and all the other good stuff you’d prep with yourself. Our products are veggie forward and built on elevated flavor combinations.

We're two best friends who grew up in Belgium with a strong culture of frequent, casual gatherings. We both moved to Brooklyn in our early twenties and once here we noticed most of our friends got together or hosted parties at bars - leaving home entertainment to their parents around the holidays

We started Savorly to make it easier to get together and enjoy time with friends and family. Whether gathering around a holiday table, catching up over drinks and appetizers, or a weekly video chat - we believe that life is better when we're together

We created our line of party bites and gratins with convenience in mind, but are committed to quality. You can heat and serve Savorly products at a moment's notice without sacrificing on ingredients or experience for yourself or your guests

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