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5 Veggie-Centric Appetizers We’re Swooning For
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5 Veggie-Centric Appetizers We’re Swooning For

Vegetarian or not, almost all of us can agree that eating more veggies is good for us and for our environmental footprint. Especially since some key players in the classic appetizer lineup of wings, meatballs, and charcuterie are so meat-heavy, we made our Party Bites as veggie-centric as possible. Check out some new and old favorites below to increase the veggie count at your next gathering.

Green Goddess Dip Whipped Feta Dip — No one assembles better cruidtes than the indomitable Alison Roman. In this recipe, she’s created a super savory and herby dip to pair with a great lineup of veggies.

Vegetable Spring Rolls — Maybe it’s just us, but we think fresh spring rolls are only as good as their dipping sauce… and the peanut sauce served up with these is everything we’re looking for and more.

Vegetarian Buffalo Meatballs — Meatballs can still make an appearance if you go with this great appetizer. These meatballs are made from beans and mushrooms and flavored just like your favorite wings.

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers with Goat Cheese — These tiny but mighty peppers are fuller-flavored (both sweeter and spicier) than bell peppers. Plus… they’re so darn cute! Stuff with cheese, scallions, and mint for a perfect two-bite appetizer.

DIY Hummus — Fun fact — hummus might just be Savorly co-founder David Goltib’s favorite food. Fresh, warm hummus is so easy to make and infinitely better than the store-bought stuff. Serve with pita, veggies, or (if David’s on your guest list) a spoon.

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