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Al Fresco’s Gift Bundles for your Favorite Hostess
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Al Fresco’s Gift Bundles for your Favorite Hostess

While in the peak of Al Fresco’s season, a season full of outdoor parties and gatherings, finding the right host or hostess gift can be challenging. Of course, bottles of wine and scented candles are nice, but wouldn’t you rather be the guest who brings something a bit more thoughtful?

We’ve got you covered. From Lemonade mixes to fresh produce and kitchen gadgets, we’ve curated three unique summer gift bundles perfect for any host or occasion.

Whether you’re thanking your favorite party host — or the kind friend who let you play houseguest for a vacation weekend — these custom gift bundles will guarantee you an invite back.

For The Host Who Squeezes Any Time To Entertain

Nothing says ~Al Fresco entertaining~ quite like a refreshing glass of lemonade. So continue to soak up the summer day and treat your favorite hostess with this fun lemonade kit gift set.

The Bundle: Take a Pitcher and fill it with your favorite lemonade mix, a large spoon or stirrer, a cute summer fruit hand towel, and some glass straws.

Level It Up: Add a fun ice cube tray, cute outdoor glasses, or a colorful serving tray.

For The Host Who Alway Keeps it Fresh (seasonally of course)

A truly one-of-a-kind gift bundle is one filled with produce and goods from your local community. Not only is this a great way to shop what's in season, but also a great way to support your local farmer's market and small businesses.

The Bundle: Start the base of the gift bundle with a statement cutting board; often, you can find these at some of the cheese or butcher stands. Then just explore– you never know what you will find strolling around the local vendors. We recommend finding some cheeses, salamis, honey or jam, flowers, or even hot sauce and pickles if that's up your hosts' alley!

Level up: Add cheese knives and small dishes to house olives or jams these can usually be found at your local gift store.

For The Host Who Likes To Channel Their Inner Martha Stewart

It's always nice to receive a fancy soap, dish towel, or kitchen gadget you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself. Get personal and thoughtful with this gift bundle by pulling in scents and colors from your hottest kitchen and home.

The Bundle: Think hand soap in a cool bottle, fresh-smelling candles, a hand towel, a favorite coffee table book, or a cool kitchen gadget like this garlic press plate.

Bonus!! Many of these double as housewarming gifts, too. So get shopping and don't forget to send us your ideas at or

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