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Five Book Clubs To Join For Every Type Of Reader (And Entertainer)
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Five Book Clubs To Join For Every Type Of Reader (And Entertainer)

Book clubs are a great excuse to gather and catch up with friends (even if you don’t actually end up chatting about the book). But as the seasons change, the temperature drops, and leaves begin to change outside- nothing is cozier than snuggling with a good book, so why not join a community and do it with others?

Totally new to book clubs? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. From celebrity clubs to monthly subscriptions and social networks, we found the perfect book club for you.

If you are the hostess with the mostest, check out

A social network to help you organize your own club, start a new one and find your book people. Book Club’s online platform can help create meeting invites, collect RSVPs, and give monthly inspiration for your next book club read with discussion questions to guide your meeting.

If podcasts are your thing, check out The Read Heads.

Hosted by The Morning Toast’s Jackie Oshry and some of her best friends, every month, these friends read, dissect and chat. Enjoy the candid discourse and immaculate vibe that will make you get excited about reading. You can expect a variety of genres, including young adult, romance, coming of age, and more.

If you want to celebrate women authors, check out Reese’s Book Club.

Every month Reese Witherspoon picks a book she loves with a woman at the center of the story. Many picks have become instant bestsellers and often turn into tv shows or films. You can join the community by following along with Reese’s Book Club app or @reesesbookclub, featuring exclusive content about each month’s picks and guest celebrity appearances.

If you love exclusive interviews and TV personalities, check out Read with Jenna.

Avid reader and Today Show host Jenna brings the energy at the beginning of every month and share her pick of the month. Follow along online or on instagram and enjoy exclusive author features for an inside look into the story.

If you like easy, check out Book of The Month.

If you’re looking for minimal effort: Treat your shelf to a book subscription. You choose from a curated selection of the best new reads every month and get them delivered right to your door. After you are done reading, check out their podcast for exclusive interviews with Authors.

Of course, no book club would be complete without a tasty plate of bites. Luckily all of our Party Bites and Simple Sides allow for fuss-free entertaining– quick and easy to make so you can stay out of the kitchen and in the conversation. Stock your freezer and find a retailer near you. Happy Reading!

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