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Galentines Day Ideas
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Galentines Day Ideas

Lovers come and go, but your friends are the ones who you can always count on. So why not celebrate them. Galentine’s day is all about showing your girls what they mean to you. And what better way to show them than hosting a bash!

Here are our Galentine’s Day celebration ideas linked to our Pinterest board for some major inspiration!

  1. Indoor Picnic

Now we know it might be freezing out, but that doesn’t mean that we can still picnic! Clear out some space in your living room by pushing all the furniture to the walls. Lay down a pretty quilt layered with some throw pillows and a table. After accessorize with your favorite things, candles, flowers, and your favorite Savorly bites. Check out our Pinterest board here.

2. Game Night

Bring out some friendly competition and get the dice rolling. A game night is a great way to step away from the devices and genuinely spend some quality time with one another. Heads Up is our personal favorite but don’t forget about classics like Card Against Humanity and Monopoly. Check out our Pinterest board here.

3. Wine Tasting

A wine tasting is the classiest way to show the girls you care. Plan it yourself or buy a kit online; as long as your girls are there, we guarantee it a successful sipping soirée. For some added fun, pick up some canvases and paint and make it paint and sip! Check out our pinterest board here.

4. PowerPoint Night

Birthed straight out of Qtine, this idea never fails to leave the room in tears–of laughter, of course. Suppose you’re unfamiliar with the concept, let us fill you in. Each person creates a PowerPoint presentation to share with the group. This is where you let the creativity flow. Topics can include The best [whatever] of all time, Conspiracy theories, nostalgic memories, rankings, etc. Check out our pinterest board here.

5. Closet Exchange

Hosting a closet swap is the chicest way to recycle old clothes, spend some time with the girls, and snag some new finds. Clean out your closet and bag up those items that you haven’t worn–yes, even the ones with the tags still on. Then meet up with your friends, play your favorite playlist, open some bubbly, and start shopping! We guarantee you might find your new favorite top. Check out our Pinterest board here.

Can’t get together in person? Don’t worry, we’ve got you’ve covered with a virtual Option: Schedule a zoom call with the gals, take turns trying on the items you want to get rid of, and have your friends call out dips on each item.

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