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Holiday entertaining ideas
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Holiday entertaining ideas

The holidays are around the corner, meaning it’s time to reminisce, celebrate tradition and spend time with family. This year calls for a fun new party theme to get your loved ones together! Who knows, maybe one of these themes will become a crowd pleaser that sticks for years to come…

  1. Winter Wonderland

Who says you can’t wear white after labor day? Have you guests dress in head to toe a festive winter white, keep the holiday classics going on the soundtrack and make sure there’s a fun backdrop or zoom background filled with fake snow (no frostbite necessary for the perfect instagram!) Keep the white theme going with all the food as well, white chocolate hot chocolate anyone?

2. Cooking Decorating Competition

Bake sugar cookies ahead of time and lay out all the necessary decorating supplies on each table. Don’t skimp on sprinkles, frosting, and print out some pinterest inspo! As the host you get the tough job as judge, make sure you pick up prizes for the most creative cookies.

3. Ornament Making Extravaganza

Found the perfect tree this season but do not have many ornaments that hold memories? Recruit your friends for a fun crafting afternoon to make ornaments that will last a lifetime. Have people make some for your tree and some to take home and have them remincese on this party for years to come.

4. Secret Santa

Assign each guest a friend for them to buy a gift for before the party. Make a budget and remind everyone to keep their special person a secret. In person, have someone dress as santa and deliver wrapped gifts from under the tree. To do this virtually just have everyone ship gifts before the party date. In either case, you can watch everyone be delighted and surprised during the season of giving.

5. Movies and Holiday Magic

Host a holiday movie marathon in your living room! Decorate with cozy pillows and blankets, have everyone come in cozy pajamas and keep the cookies and hot chocolate flowing all night lod.

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