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Holiday Gift Bundles You Can Grab on Your Next Grocery Store Run
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Holiday Gift Bundles You Can Grab on Your Next Grocery Store Run

The holiday time calls for frequent gatherings, at-home parties, and impromptu get-togethers. We all know organizing celebrations can be quite stressful, so when you are invited to someone’s house, bringing a little gift for the host is always a nice gesture.

But during the busy holiday season, it's hard to figure out what and where to go pick up this gift. Luckily with a little TLC and creative juices, the grocery store can be your one-stop shop for a host gift bundle. We’ve compiled seven mini gift bundles perfect for gifting the host with the most.

1. Cranberries + Oranges + Cinnamon Sticks + Cloves

Is it even the holidays if your house doesn't smell like cranberries and cinnamon? Fill a mason jar with your favorite holiday scents (or follow our recipes) for a festive simmer pot. Wrap a ribbon around the neck with handwritten instructions.


  • Get a basket + fill it with oranges, fresh cranberries, lemons, apples + a mason jar of spices
  • Dehydrate your fruit ahead of time to place in the jar for a more aesthetic appearance– Check out this how-to from Sugar and Charm.
  • Add a decorative stock pot for your host to fill. Check out these from Target, Golden Rabbit, and Willams Sonoma.

2. A Festive Hand Towel + Pretty Soap + Hand Lotion

This elevated cleanup bundle will make any host’s clean-up time a little more serene😇🫶🏻🧼🧴

3. Mason Jar + DIY Cookie Mix

You might not even need to go to the grocery store for this one! Choose a family recipe or (one you find online, we won’t tell) and write it onto a little note card. Pre-measure all the dried ingredients and carefully layer them in the jar. Garnish with a festive ribbon and secure the recipe card.🍪🧑🏼‍🍳

4. A Fun Condiment

For a seasoned chef, a new condiment or spice blend can be a fun new flavor adventure🌶🫒🧄

5. Fancy Chocolate Bar + Bubbly Wine + Candle

Ooooh Lala 🍫🥂🕯

Elevate– Add a cute bowl for the dip.

6. Olive Oil + Bread Loaf + Prepared Dip

Everyone’s favorite simple appetizer🥖🧈

Elevate– Add a cute bowl for the dip.

7. Tea Bags + Local Honey

Time for tea time✨☕️

Elevate– Level up with a cute teapot and honey dipper.

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