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How To Throw a Successful Last-Minute Get-Together This Holiday Season
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How To Throw a Successful Last-Minute Get-Together This Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, we know life can get crazy. Between visits from the in-laws, holiday parties, shopping, and cooking, it can be hard to savor the little moments with friends or family to reconnect, catch up, and laugh.

However, hosting an impromptu get-together can be easy to do if you just concentrate on a few essential things leaving you less stressed and more energy for the actual time spent together.

Whether it’s gathering around a holiday table, catching up over drinks and appetizers, or a weekly video chat — we believe that life is better when we are together. So be the hostess with the mostess with these no-fuss tricks for pulling it off:

#1: Do a quick clean.

Set the timer for 10 minutes and do a clean sweep of your space. Prioritize the areas your guest will most likely frequent. Put away misplaced items, fluff the pillows, and if all else fails throw everything else behind a closed door to be dealt with later. Don’t forget to freshen up the bathroom with a spritz of Febreze and stock up the toilet paper.

#2: Set the ambiance with lighting and music.

You might not have time to hang string lights or festive lanterns, but DO dim the lights and put out a few candles for ambiance. It’s incredible how some lamplight and candles can transform a room into a warm, welcoming environment. And don’t forget about the music. Good tunes are essential to getting a great vibe going. If you have a favorite party playlist or two, these work great on a continuous play or search on services like Spotify or Apple Music for your party vibe for a collection of pre-curated party tune playlists.

#3: Leave the bites to us.

We created our line of party bites and gratins with convenience in mind but are committed to quality. You can heat and serve Savorly products at a moment’s notice without sacrificing ingredients or experience for yourself or your guests. Serve our party as an appetizer for a cocktail hour alone or paired with a basic cheese board OR serve our gratins as a savory side dish at dinner.

#4: Have “house cocktails” on hand.

Unsure what cocktail to serve for everyone’s liking? For a genuinely last-minute party, your guests won’t expect you to have anything more than beer or wine to do. But you could keep ingredients on hand to make “house cocktails,” such as Vodka, Soda, or gin and tonic. Then you’ll be able to offer people a choice between beer, wine, or the house cocktail. For wine drinkers, use a wine calculator to buy the right amount of bottles. If you need more drink recipes, check out Top Shelf to learn how to mix just about anything.

Pro tip: Keep an extra case of sparkling water on hand over the holidays. It’s easy to pour into pretty glasses, and with a splash of lime or grapefruit, you have an instant, flavored sparkling beverage.

#5: Don’t forget to Relax and Savor the moment.

The beauty of last-minute get-togethers is that the group already has excellent chemistry and intimacy that allows them to bask in the company of their favorite people, regardless of the prep done before. So remember to sit back, relax and enjoy your time with your guests.

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