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Meet The Gratin: Dinner’s New Side Dish Mainstay
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Meet The Gratin: Dinner’s New Side Dish Mainstay

Traditionally, “gratin” (gra·​tin) is a culinary technique where a brown crust is formed on a dish that has been cooked “au gratin.” However people most commonly know the term from the crowd-favorite dish Potatoes au Gratin– a French classic made with layers upon layers of finely sliced potatoes, cream, butter, and cheese.

Here at Savorly, Gratin is just a fancy word for delicious melty cheese. We have reinvented the comforting classic and made it bite-size. Available in two flavors Three cheese and Cauliflower & Broccoli, our Gratin’s are created by baking sliced potatoes layered with mozzarella, Emmental cheese, gran Formaggio and gorgonzola.

Ready at a moment’s notice, these cheesy potato bites can be prepared in the oven or your air fryer. They are the perfect side dish pairing to take your dinner to a new level. A simple side, simply delicious. Our favorite Mini Gratin pairings are a warm tomato soup, a piece of salmon, and a side salad, or your favorite arrangement of roasted veggies.

Visit our Pinterest to learn more about perfect Mini Gratin pairings.

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