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Not Your Average Ugly Sweater Party: Revamped Holiday Themes You Should Host This Season
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Not Your Average Ugly Sweater Party: Revamped Holiday Themes You Should Host This Season

This Holiday season, we say out with the traditional “ugly sweater soiree” and in with a fresh take on holiday hosting. If the thought of curating a themed party makes your head hurt, don't worry we’ve taken the traditional fan favorites and added a hint of Savorly savoir-faire. So don't worry you can still enjoy your favorite cranberry spritz and the taste of gingerbread, and if you want to break out that ugly sweater, we certainly won't stop you.

Read on for our favorite themes + all the tricks to make it a success.

Friends & (mini) Gingerbread

You’re never too old to enjoy decorating a gingerbread house, but let’s be honest, your end result never looks like the one on the box, and actually getting your walls to stay up is always a headache. At the end of the day, you still attempt it every year because, after all, there is nothing more festive than sipping on a hotty toddy and listening to Mariah Carry while decorating your mini house.

Savorly’s Hosting Tips

  • Don’t spend a fortune on full-size houses for each of your guests. INSTEAD– check out this adorable mini gingerbread village.
  • Ditch the icing and whip out that hot glue gun (it’s not like anyone ever ends up eating it anyway.)
  • The kit never comes with cute enough candy, Head to the dollar store and make your own selection.

Wine-down Wine Tasting

While our feeds might be inundated with festive cocktails– cranberry this, eggnog that– let’s not forget about our good ole’ friend wine! Hosting an at-home wine tasting is an intimate way to celebrate and gather with friends this holiday.

Savorly’s Hosting Tips

A Few of ~Our~ Favorite Things

While the holidays are certainly not ALL about the gift, it is always fun to get a little surprise. This theme is always a hit (especially if you have friends with good taste or a funny sense of humor).

Ask all your guests to bring their favorite thing wrapped to your party. This can be literally anything from their favorite book, a scented candle, or a jar of peanut butter. (Agree on a budget beforehand). At the party, have all your guests put their things together, and by drawing names, everyone can go home with someone else’s favorite item to try out!

Savorly’s Hosting Tips

  • Show and share– After everyone has drawn and opened their gift, go around and have each guest give a little background about their favorite thing.
  • Mix up the guest list– When thinking about who to invite, consider making it a plus one event/or curating a group of people who might not know each other. Sharing your favorite item with a stranger is a great icebreaker to make a new friend!

Murder at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

This one is for our theatrical entertainers out there. Hosting a murder mystery-themed night is an exciting and interactive way to involve all your friends throughout the whole night.

Savorly’s Hosting Tips

  • It doesn't get easier than this with Masters of Mystery party kits.
  • Stay on the stage and out of the kitchen– stock up on Savorly party bites before for an easy app to enjoy throughout the main event.

Everyone’s Favorite Cookie Exchange

This one is a no-brainer– who doesn’t love holiday cookies? While this gathering requires a little more organization than your average holiday festivity, it is guaranteed to be the tastiest holiday gathering of the season.

Have each guest submit which cookie they will be contributing to the exchange beforehand, so there’s no overlap on the menu. Then, have each of your guests bring a dozen cookies for each guest to take home and a dozen to display and taste. (Make sure they understand the baking requirement when the RSVP). During the exchange, take turns sharing and tasting each other's creations.

Savorly’s Hosting Tips

So, while you are thinking about your holiday entertaining, give a revamped theme a try. And don’t forget to leave the apps to us and stock your freezer so you can be ready to entertain at a moment's notice.

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