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Social Distancing Together
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Social Distancing Together

We founded Savorly to make it easier to get together and enjoy time with friends and family. As the COVID-19 crisis has evolved throughout the world, we’re being asked to distance ourselves from friends and loved ones. Though you might have a bit of company from a roommate, partner, or family, many of us are seeing dramatic drops in social interaction.

We know this is the safe thing to do to stop the spread of the virus but we also believe that loneliness and lack of human connection is unhealthy for the soul. We wanted to share a few ways to increase our togetherness over the weeks ahead.

  • Video Chat Happy Hour — Pick your platform, invite your guest(s), pick your beverage, prep some snacks. Spend an hour or two catching up just like in person. This is great for groups of 4–6 people to keep things conversational. Try with different friend groups, current or former colleagues, or family to keep things interesting.
  • Watch Party — There is no shortage of great content available to stream. Why not go find a buddy or group to go through it with? Get a few interested friends on a group chat and set your planned pace (to avoid **SPOILERS**). This works best for suspenseful or dramatic shows where there is a lot to talk about. If your group wants to watch something on Netflix, the platform has added that includes a chat feature and simultaneous watching.
  • Trickster Cards — Play cards together, apart. This platform is available on desktop and as a mobile app with a wide variety of card games including Spades, Euchre, and 500. Most games are ideal for 2–4 people and this works great when paired with a video chat so you can talk while you play.
  • Live stream workout — A real win:win to have a bit of connectedness and fitness paired together. Many fitness instructors or studios are offering free workouts that are available to live-stream via YouTube or Instagram. Join with a friend or solo, in either case you’ll have the instructor talking to you and the comments of the others who are working out alongside you as a bit of company.

Send us your ideas or and we’ll update with new ideas! Stay healthy and sane out there, friends!

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