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Song of the summer
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Song of the summer

Song of the Summer

A crucial part to a great summer party is definitely the perfect playlist! It has to get your guests grooving, feeling good, and having some fun! The formula for a summer party playlist is part nostalgia, part new beats, part under-the-radar jams, and a splash of sing a long ballads (because why not!). Make your mix online ahead of time, set it on shuffle when your guests arrive, crank up your speakers, and no need to worry about it for the rest of the night.

Preparation is always key people, especially for a great playlist!

Here’s a few of our highlights for a fresh summer mix:

Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit
Who knows what they’re really saying… it’s all about the upbeat beats and positive vibes that make it a must add for this summer. The chimes and bells are the perfect background for any backyard spread

Call On Me by Litany
This one will make you move your hips or shrug your shoulders in the drink line. Grab a friend and give them a spin with this nostalgic-sounding new track.

Nevada by Kerala Dust
Co-founder Ethan’s Summer 2020 favorite! “This jam has the perfect BPM to get a summer party started!”

Electricity by Silk City & Dua Lipa
If you don’t know the lyrics quite yet this one might deserve a few plays at a the party until you do! Dua Lipa gets the crowd going 100% of the time, trust us.

Freedom by Kygo
Transport your yard to a full on concert with this one spewing out of the speakers! All ages will feel like moving with this kind of lighthearted electronic music

Le Temps Est Bon by Bon Entendeur, Isabelle Pierre
This pick comes straight from our co-founder David! “This song is a feel good remix of a classic. It always gets me in a good mood when I hear ‘The weather is nice, the sky is blue.’ Sometimes that’s all we need!”

Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
Where were you the first time you heard this banger?! Have you guests transports to the good ol early 2000’s with this fun one. The sun is out, time to celebrate!

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