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Time-Saving Tips for Holiday Hosting
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Time-Saving Tips for Holiday Hosting

Throwing the perfect dinner party is a lot easier than you might think, and with these tips, it’s possible to make the experience almost entirely stress-free.

  1. Finish Cooking Before Guests Arrive

You deserve better than missing out on the fun party that YOU are hosting. Choose dishes that you can make almost entirely ahead of time so that you get to enjoy the company of your guests and aren’t stuck in the kitchen during the evening.

2. Know Your Guests…and Their Allergies

Finding out your friend is allergic to peanuts after they take a bite of your Thai Crunch Salad? Not ideal, and definitely not low-stress. Ask your guests in advance about any allergies and find out whether or not they eat meat before you begin planning the courses so that everyone has enough options.

3. Shop In Advance

The day of the dinner party is not the day for shopping, so get your groceries the day before! It’ll save you a ton of time and make cooking and planning a lot less stressful. Another tip is to order your groceries online. Websites like FreshDirect or Instacart make it easy for you to select whatever you need and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Make sure to throw some Savorly bites in while you’re at it for even more time-saving on your appetizers.

4. Have A Well Stocked Bar

As far as drinks go, make sure to have a non-alcoholic option like a mocktail, in case anybody doesn’t drink or is planning to drive themselves home. For guests that do drink have enough options available. We recommend having some beers ready in the fridge and a bottle of white and red wine to go with dinner. For an after-dinner cocktail, an easy option would be a classic Negroni (Equal parts of gin, vermouth, and Campari will do the trick.)

5. Don’t Try to Cook Everything from Scratch

Preparing a 3-course meal can become stressful quickly, so focus on the main course and leave the sides to us. We have you covered with our Four Cheese or our Cauliflower and Broccoli Gratins. Just throw the gratins in the air fryer or oven a few minutes before the guests arrive, and be prepared to blow everyone away.

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