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To Welcome Or Not To Welcome Early Holiday Decorating Now?
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To Welcome Or Not To Welcome Early Holiday Decorating Now?

The seasonal debate of when is the “socially acceptable” time to deck the halls has appeared in a timely matter this pre-holiday season. Year after year, this time seems to inch closer and closer into the thanksgiving moment. But, this year, the concept of welcoming an early holiday is taking the internet by storm. So does the closing of October 31st mark the commencement of the holiday season. Say what you want, but here at savorly, we say deck the halls now!!

Early Holiday doesn’t necessarily mean throwing your Christmas tree up (but we won’t judge you if you do 😉). Instead, you can do little things around your home to evoke the cozy holiday aesthetic without having Christmas throw up in your home. Here are our five tips on how to bring the holiday spirit early this season.

1. Simmer Pot

It’s genuinely not the holidays till it smells like the holidays. And while you could light your favorite pumpkin spice or burning wood fire candle, why not make your own scent this year with a holiday simmer pot. An easy way to achieve a classic yet unique holiday smell, and all you need are a few household items you can find in your pantry! Fill a pot on the stove with apple cider and any spices and fruits of your choice. Our favorites are cinnamon sticks, cranberries, oranges, and cloves. Bonus: If you feel extra festive, head to TJ Max to get a copper simmer pot for a decorative flair.

2. Cozy Your Space

There’s nothing better than putting on a fresh pair of Pj’s snuggled under a warm blanket snuggled ready to watch your favorite holiday classic. Replace your regular throw pillows with faux fur or teddy covers and bring out the really fuzzy blankets. Our Holiday favorite right now is the Comfy– the perfect snuggle addition and an even better gift.

3. Decorate with Candles & Twinkle lights

If you are into the garland, then, by all means, hang up the garland, but if not, stringing fairy lights and lighting pillar candles are a great addition to setting the ambiance of a cozy Holiday space.

4. Stock up on Bites

We know the holidays can get overwhelming. So prepare for that lazy night or day when you just can’t sneak away and stock up on our quick and easy savory bites to save you time and stress later.

5. Celebrate with Friends

What better way to celebrate your new revamp holiday space than with your friends. So catch up and party before parting ways till the new year by hosting an intimate holiday gathering. Check out our blog for more entertaining tips and holiday cocktail recipes.

Don’t forget to tag and show us how you deck the hall this holiday season.

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