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Weeknight entertaining
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Weeknight entertaining

Why should weekends get all fun? Don’t be intimidated by inviting people over during the week! It can be totally stress free and something special to look forward to after a long workday. The secret is to think ahead, get your guests involved and keep it simple.

Alphabet Potluck
This is a streamlined theme with an endless amount of potential parties. Draw a letter at the beginning of the week and each guest has to make a dish that starts with that letter for the party. That’s right, so for the letter ‘R’ get ready for your party to have risotto, rosemary potatoes, roasted veggies, red wine… and possibly red velvet cake for dessert? Have everyone submit their dishes ahead of time so there’s no repeats at the table! All the host has to do is provide plates and a playlist- everyone is assigned to wash their own dishes after!

Bookclub Themed Feast
Celebrate the end of a book with your bookclub by making a dinner that would fit right into the era you are reading about. Whether you opt to make it homemade, or order in, or a little combination of both, it’s a fun way to celebrate and discuss a great read. Have your guests bring drinks or do their research on the customs, traditions, and meals of the time period.

Breakfast for Dinner
I mean this one NEVER gets old! Have all the adults come in jammies or comfy clothes and enjoy a big ol plate of eggs, bacon and mimosas. No one will notice if you use our premade Cheese & Potato Gratins or start with boxed pancakes mix! A big old breakfast buffet is the cure to any bad day at work.

Takeout Takeover
It’s finally time to order in from that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Try a new takeout place and a different cuisine each week for your guests to indulge in. Have the restaurants do the heavy lifting and focus on making a signature cocktail for the party or a delightful homemade dessert. Use disposable dishes that the takeout comes in and don’t think twice about it!

Send us your ideas @savorly.us or hello@savorly.us and we’ll update with new ideas!

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