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Winter Night-In Self Care Guide
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Winter Night-In Self Care Guide

In the dark of winter, there is nothing better than a night to unwind and forget about the frost that coats your window. So draw a bath and savor your time with Savorly and a little much-needed self-care.

  1. Salts & Essential Oils

Elevate your regular everyday bath with salts and essential oils. A mixture of the two will moisturize your skin and help to relieve stress.

2. A Serene Playlist

Set the mood with a serene playlist. Soothing music provides more than just entertainment, it can actually combat the negative effects of stress and anxiety.

3. Candles

Turn off the lights, and add warmth to your space by lighting a candle…. or two…. or three (there really is no limit). The flickering light instantly sets an atmosphere of tranquility.

4. A Bath Caddy

A bath caddy is the perfect landing spot for your glass of wine, a plate of Savorly bites, and a new captivating novel you can’t put down.

5. Face Mask

For the ultimate self-care treatment, apply a face mask while you soak. Let it sit for 15 minutes then wash it off with a warm washcloth in the tub.

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Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels
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