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Your Guide to our Ultimate Summer Beer Pairings
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Your Guide to our Ultimate Summer Beer Pairings

Nothing beats a cold beer and tasty apps on hot summer Friday afternoon. We partnered up with our friends over at BeerDrop to handcraft the perfect beer pairing for each of our bites.

Beer drop curates personalized boxes of fresh craft beer delivered to your front door. With hundreds of constantly rotating beers, you can always try something new that you’re sure to love.

Their special selection of beers is the perfect summer pairing for our savory appetizers. Check them out below!

Mini Gratins Potato & Cheese … paired with Weldwerks Juicy Bits, a classic and immensely popular hazy, New England-style IPA that’s light-bodied yet sweet and a true juice bomb.

Mini Gratins Cauliflower & Cheese … paired with Outer Range Lawn Games, a light and clear West Coast-style IPA with big pine and resin notes, and a perfectly dry finish for any pairing.

Mini Tarts … paired with Fresh & New, a limited collaboration Grisette from New Image & Primitive. Grisette is a French-style farmhouse beer that’s immensely refreshing yet full of minerality and complexity, so it’s guaranteed to hold up to delicious goat cheese tarts.

Cocktail Bites … paired with Hop Butcher Sweet Home, an incredible hoppy and full-bodied hazy IPA from one of the very best in the game, works exceptionally well with milder Emmental and ricotta cheese pastries.

Mini Pies … paired with Westbound & Down Italian Pilsner, a subtly hoppier version of classic Czech and German-style pilsners, Italian pilsners are more flavorful and complex.

Mezze Bites … paired with Bierstadt Dunkel, a rich, dark lager that’s both refreshing and malty, this beer will perfectly complement the loud flavors of eggplant and sun-dried tomatoes.

Shop all of our beer pairings at, and don't forget to stock your freezer and find Savorly at a retailer near you.

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